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Brow Plantation Package

Examination and Observations

After the examination and the need analysis we offer to all of our visitors for free, the decision for operation is made after an examination of suitability for operation is carried out at the hospital in addition to the blood test and an interview with the person about his/her health history.

Brow Transplantation Planning and Application

An area of few square centimeters as small as possible is chosen and shaved, to the extent the donor area from where the follicles to be transplanted is taken allows us, and the obtained follicles (grafts) are transplanted frequently and according to their natural directions, on the application area. We aim at carrying out transplantation to provide the most natural appearance for each person's problem, for this we work based on all of our experiences and focus. Our priority is to ensure the natural appearance and people's satisfaction, like we ensured in our more than 20.000 previous operations.


As ANATOLIA HAIR, we provide the accommodation needs of our guests from abroad or from other cities, in scope of the Brow Transplantation Package during the operation period (approximately 1-2 days). The hotels from which we receive this service are the hotels with the most successful and the most recognized brands.


As ANATOLIA HAIR, we provide all of the transfers for the visitors coming from abroad or other cities (including the last send-off for the return flights) between Airport - Hospital, Hospital - Hotel in scope of the Brow Transplantation Package.

Used Medications and Shampoo

All the equipments, medications and consumables used for the transplantation operation are provided by us in scope of the Brow Transplantation Package. To summarize, our guests do not pay any fee other than the package price.