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Moustache Transplantation

Moustache Transplantation Moustache is very important for many men. Especially the men who experience moustache problems feel uncomfortable when, from time to time, it becomes part of the men's fashion. As the hair transplantation has become an expertise in our country for long years, the moustache problems of the men are also solved after their hair problems. These operations are also made by taking hair follicles from the donor area behind the head, and moving them to the moustache area at the upper lift section, and the transplantation is completed. Of course, various models can be applied with differences. While many men with moustache cannot shape their moustache easily, the people with moustache transplantation can directly have the image they dream of, by having the transplantation the way they want it. It is like turning a crisis into an opportunity. The moustache transplantation is the final treatment method for people with such problems. For this, the hair follicles as 0,6mm punches are taken one by one by using FUE method, from above the back of the neck. Then, the hair follicles are transplanted one by one, at the empty locations without moustache. The transplanted hair follicles preserve the properties which were already at the moustache field and the hair continues to grow. Moreover the moustache transplantation is a solution for the problems such as scar marks, surgery marks, burning marks and hair loss. The thinner the used points are, the more natural and aesthetic the appearance shall be. ***** Beard Transplantation The beard has always been the favorite accessory of men during the history. What is more, the strong male figures have beards from time to time, and it creates a fashion trend. Today, the solutions have been found for being beardless together with the baldness, thanks to the developing aesthetical methods. The solution is the Hair and Beard transplantation. The hair follicles obtained from the back of the head with the most developed techniques can be transplanted to the beard area frequently and according to their natural directions, and you are able to apply the great models you have been dreaming of for years, directly on your face. This process is one of the easiest, shortest and lightest aesthetic operations. You can change your life flow and gain a totally different image by using a method that separates you from your business and social life just for a few days. The beard transplantation operation can also be carried out if you experience beardlessness in an area after a scar, burning or another reason. As the beard transplantation is carried out with the own hair of the person taken from the back of the head, which is genetically the area without hair loss, it will gain natural appearance after the transplantation and the patient will have permanent beard. FUE and DHI hair transplantation methods are used in the operations. The hair follicles obtained from the back of the head are placed to the places where beard transplantation is going to be made. The beard and moustache that continues to grow after the beard transplantation can be grown or shortened with scissors after 15. day. Preferably, the first shave shall be done at least 1 month later, to allow follicles time to hold.

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