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Anatolia HairPlant Yeliz DAMAR

YELİZ DAMAR the expert in hair transplant


Anatolia HairPlant Yeliz DAMAR

Yeliz DAMAR was born in İstanbul on 3 January 1988 date as the daughter of a migrant family and completed her education at Sakarya University / Health Department. She started her career in the health sector at the Florence Nightingale Hospital and continued her career at the respected institutions such as Acıbadem Hospital. Yeliz DAMAR has carried out more than 20.000 successful hair transplantation operations since 2007, and finally she founded her own company, Anatolia Saç Ekimi (Anatolia Hair Transplantation) in 2012. Anatolia Hair Transplantation currently operates in İstanbul, Alanya and Baghdad and the company gained a respected position in its field in a short time. Moreover, she wrote many articles in Posta Newspaper about hair transplantation and techniques, in addition to sharing her experiences and information as an expert guest on TV health shows of Star TV and TV8. Yeliz DAMAR was awarded the most successful business woman award in the sector in 2017 and she currently continues to carry out hair transplantation operations according to the state-of-the-art techniques and methods.

One of the most common reasons that delay people's decision to hair transplantation is the fear from the operation.
To give brief answers to these fears, we should remind that:
Hair, eyebrow, beard or mustache transplantation operations are the shortest and most painless aesthetic operations, which separate people from their social life for the shortest amount of time.
The method which is also presented as the Comfort-in method can be used for the application, which is an anaesthesia method without needle and pain, especially for people who refrain from the application stage of the operation. According to this method's application logic, the local numbness is provided thanks to the anaesthesia liquid sprayed under the skin, by using pressure instead of needle. It relieves you from the needle pain and provides a wider area for the application to spread, when compared to needle.
This method rendered the operations more inviting.
But an additional fee is added to the package prices for this method!

Anatolia HairPlant Yeliz DAMAR

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